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Letter from the President

Hi All. I have a few thoughts I’d like to share with you.

To be a successful escrow officer, a person needs to be what I call a “special kind of crazy”; all at the same time being a personable, efficient, detail-oriented individual who can think outside the box A LOT; fly by the seat of their pants and still stay organized and move things along at a quick pace without making a client feel rushed or belittled.

We Run Our Company the way a Great Escrow Officer Runs Their Desk!

We’ve all seen the dramatic changes that have affected our industry over the past few years. These ups and downs have led to some individual notaries getting full-time jobs, totally unrelated to the real estate industry so they can pay their bills (you may have recently lost your favorite local signer because of this) and signing services have been going out of business left and right!

I heard about an escrow officer who received docs back from a signing and after reviewing them, realized she needed an acknowledgment to correct a notary error. She found that the signing service she used was out of business – phones and email out of service – no phone number for the individual notary. She did eventually find the notary through the Sec. of State, but what a hassle! Other escrow and loan officers have been telling me how time consuming and frustrating it has been lately having to call 3 or 4 notaries to find one who is qualified and available to do the job – what a waste of time!

One call to us and you’re set! We keep you in the loop throughout every step of the signing process. This way you can move on to another file or spend some time building a new relationship to grow your business, knowing that we will handle your clients in a way that will make you shine.

I have worked continuously in this industry for over 21 years now and we are very stable and reliable. We have weathered these storms before… we have even come to expect the “down times” in the business and are totally prepared for it so, no worries! We are here to stay!

We will represent you the way you expect to be represented by your signing service!

We hope to hear from you soon!


Lori R. Jewett
Door2Door Docs

“Built by an Escrow Officer to Serve Escrow Officers”